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Welcome and hello everyone! This is our Microblading Boise page! Have you ever been to our Boise Microblading business? If not you’re missing out and we need to get you in here as soon as possible!

Do you want:

  • Want tattooed brows?
  • Or how about some permanent makeup?
  • Eyelash enhancement?
  • Or maybe microblading or some microshading?

I’m here to tell you that we provide every single one of those things for you! They are simple and easy goals to achieve and you get a permanent or semi-permanent look all the time! With no effort of needing to worry if you are running late! Isn’t that great news?

About Microblading Boise

Our goal is to get you feeling happy and satisfied when you leave our salon! We are wanting to make your vision come to life and show you how you don’t have to wait any longer! We want you to be feeling confident and beautiful in your skin all the time at all times.

Maybe to even get it to where if you are in a hurry to get somewhere you already are practically ready to go because that's how good you feel! We have had some customers come to us feeling put out because other places they have gone didn’t meet their expectations.

That is when we are in a definite hard drive mode because if you were let down once already that means we have to pick up the slack from the people before us and exceed your expectations to get you feeling better! We are always up for the challenge because you must get what you pay for.

Our service is kept at tip-top shape. We want our customers to feel appreciated and understood coming into our shop. We keep our products kept in good condition and clean. We keep everything in a nice orderly fashion which we pride ourselves by. That isn’t always a common thing to find in other companies.

We want our customers to know that they can count on us to know what the next step is at all times and not feeling lost.

Why Choose Microblading Boise?

Our customers have chosen us time after time again with no fail. After they receive our service they never want to go anywhere else because we put 110% effort in all that we do for them. There’s even been some that prefer a place nearby them, but still, our company and we will inform them of the closer companies.

Important things to know about our company are:

  • We do eyebrow blading
  • We do eyebrow tattoos
  • We do microshading eyebrows
  • We also provide permanent eyeliner to have that constant darker eye done makeup look
  • We have all certified professionals
  • We are organized
  • You are our number one priority
  • Upbeat environment

Our company has been around for several years, and we stay kept up to date. So even though we are an older company doesn’t mean that we aren’t up to date on the newest popular thing out. We have been serving our community for years and have been a reliable place for our neighbors to come to.

You can call us at any time for a free estimate and we can give you even more information over the phone if you have any other questions that you have that you might not have answered here. We are happy to set up an appointment for you and get your wants and needs met!

What to Expect from Microblading Boise

Our products are kept fresh and well and new for every single client. We do not reuse or use dirty tools with a new client. Every time a new customer is up the whole area gets swiped clean and organized and started over.

We like to keep our service kept at a proactive, efficient, and brisk pace. We like getting the job done and done right. That is why we have steps for every single thing so we always know what we need to do next and so that we don’t have any sitting ducks or have our customers sitting there like “What's going on?”. That is just not professional.

Our customers love how they are always on time for their scheduled appointment and don’t have to wait much longer than maybe a couple of minutes. They love how when we tell them how long their appointment will take when we set it up that it is never going way over.

They can keep it to their schedule and not have their appointment end up interfering with anything else in their life that they may have coming up next.

When it comes to receiving our service it is a very simple process. First, you may look up online the option of “microblading near me, eyebrows near me, microblading eyebrows near me, tattoo eyebrows near me, permanent makeup near me”, etc. However, you want to phrase it.

Once you see options pop up you will pick one of our Microblading Boise companies that you choose and give us a call. We will set up your appointment and give you a free estimate and answer any questions that you may have.

Say you’re coming in to get microblading eyebrows done for you. We will get you going at the time of your appointment. Microblading does take a couple of hours so we will make sure you are comfortable and ready to go. Afterward, we will set up your following appointment because it takes two sessions to get microblading brows done completely. We then will get the amount owed for the microblading cost.

Then all you will have to do is show up for your next appointment and you’ll have the finished product! It is awesome too because microbladed eyebrows last for 18-36 months long so you get your perfect eyebrows money's worth out of this!

Services Microblading Boise Provides

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Microblading Boise

Microblading is a handheld tool that has a pigment in it to match the eyebrow color you’re wanting and does short-stroke scratches in your skin to give your eyebrows that full and sharper effect you’re looking for

spokane permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup Boise

Permanent makeup can be done in many different ways whether it is eyeliner or enhancing the colors of your skin, face, lip, and or eyelids.

spokane eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow Tattoos Boise

If you want the permanent effect instead of semi-permanent then you want to go for the tattoo form instead of microblading or microshading! This is the way to go if you never want to have to do touch-ups or anything of that sort.

spokane permanent makeup

Microshading Boise

Microshading is a bunch of little pigment dots done. It’s a lot like microblading, but it is done more so to fill in the barer spots of your eyebrows instead of filling the whole thing out.

Customer Reviews

I went to Boise permanent makeup and got eyeliner and I can’t express how much I love how my permanent eyeliner never gets messed up and how I don’t have to worry about it anymore! Thanks so much!

Casey H.

I looked up an eyebrow tattoo near me and found Microblading Boise and I am so glad I did! It seems like a lot of money when you pay for it, but it isn’t because you are paying to never have to get your eyebrows done for the rest of your life! They look done always!

Amy O.

I appreciate the kind customer service I received. It was a really happy environment that made it so easy for me to get my eyebrows done in a great amount of time and it didn’t interfere with the rest of my day!

Cristal B.

About Boise ID

Boise is the capital of Idaho. In Boise, they have an art deco building with Boise’s Art Museum. Down there it has an outdoor sculpture garden and contemporary works. The Boise River Belt has a lot of tree-dotted trails and parks right by the water. Boise is nicknamed, “The River of Trees”. Idaho’s combined wilderness is over 4.7 million acres long!

The sales tax rate is 6.0%and the income tax rate is 7.4%. The population is 228,790. The closest cities and towns nearby Boise are:

  • Meridian, ID
  • Nampa, ID
  • Caldwell, ID
  • Eagle, ID
  • Kuna, ID
  • Garden City, ID
  • Star, ID
  • Melba, ID
  • Many other areas!

Questions and Answers!

What is microblading?

Microblading eyebrows (Boise ID) is done with a hand tool that leaves short strokes of pigment scratches on your eyebrow to give off the impression that they are natural and that they are nice and full eyebrows.

How long does microblading last?

It lasts anywhere from 18-36 months. It depends on how well your body holds onto the pigment put in its skin.

What is microblading?

It is a semi-permanent thing that is done on your eyebrows with a hand tool that scratches the pigment of the eyebrow on you that helps enhance the way your eyebrows look with a sharper and fuller look to them.

How much does microblading cost?

It depends, usually costs are around the $300 to $450 range.

How can you get permanent eyebrows?

We can do permanent eyebrow tattoos by literally tattooing you so you get the permanent effect if you would rather instead of microblading/ shading which is semi-permanent.

What is a common permanent makeup Boise thing that is done?

The permanent eyeliner is very popular because it helps make your eyes pop without needing to ever do anything else to them.

What is a common permanent makeup Boise thing that is done?

The permanent eyeliner is very popular because it helps make your eyes pop without needing to ever do anything else to them.

How long does it take to get your eyebrows tattooed?

It takes 2 hours to get your eyebrows tattooed.

Contact Us Today!

We are the company you want to go to, to get your eyebrows done and permanent makeup! We will get those goals met and make you feel great! It saves so much time in your day if you are rushing to get to work or your kid's appointment! You can skip the whole makeup cycle and just get touched up eyebrows every year and a half or a little more!

So again I have to ask. Are you tired of feeling like your eyebrows are uneven? Or are you tired of your makeup getting messed up? Well, we can stop that problem right now for you. We can do permanent makeup, eyebrows, and even a last enhancement for you so you always feel ready to go!

So if those are things you want to have in your life then please give us a call today at Microblading Boise for that free estimate and appointment! Make your dreams of how you want to look 24/7 become a reality! Don’t waste another minute.


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